Components for Air Handling Units (AHU)

Air Handling Units (AHU) are devices designed for air and temperature control in indoor spaces. Refill-Tech produces components for AHU and cooling systems, in particular blade-type drift eliminators (for horizontal air flux) and humidification panels

Blade-type drift eliminators are obtained from the extrusion of plastic materials (polypropylene) and are designed to guarantee high separation efficiency and low pressure drops. Our product range allows to treat air fluxes with different velocity and to remove droplets with different size:

Our drift eliminators can be supplied in standard bars or pre-assembled and custom-made bars so that a frame is not necessary (see photo).

Humidification panels are employed to cool and humidify air. Refill-Tech produces two kind of panels, cellulose and plastic ones:

Humidification panels in cellulose are employed when high cooling and humidification efficiency is required, together with low pressure drops. The panel in PVC, Synth Pad, is employed when the pad is required to be efficient but also self-extinguishing, unputrefying and size stable in time.

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